Book Launch 2012

Today is special. My (our) new novel, The Method Writers, officially launched yesterday at the St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, Florida. Torrential rain kept many away, but the turnout was still decent. The guests at the Inn were excited to speak with us and purchased a number of books. That was definitely a writer thrill.

I cannot emphasize enough the camaraderie and collective support I felt signing books with my fellow Rogues. We wrote the book together. We promoted this Book Launch weekend together. We signed and smiled and spoke and reveled together.

The feeling swims within me that one day I will cherish those moments on a plane I cannot sense at this time. For now I find the comfort and oneness I feel with these writers sufficient for my day. The evening of food and fun stands as a sheltered island in a stormy sea.

As for this day, I get to look forward to another outing of the four standing Rogues (we have one cherished Rogue sidelined by life for a while). We head to Houligan’s this evening at 5:00pm for the more active Book Launch session. We have incorporated some games, a video of our “acting” debut (available at ), and a panel discussion on the intricacies and logistics of four writers completing a novel together.

Yes, we hope for a large turnout. We feel we have something special to offer people. Not just the food. Not just the games. Not just the book.

The Rogues offer a look at what people can achieve TOGETHER. In our individualistic society, teamwork almost appears limited to sports, and even then the hot-doggers and self-important egos tend to dominate.

We present diversity in writing styles, lifestyles and thought processes. We also present a unified vision of four people working together to forge ahead in a highly competitive and underpaid industry. We have a voice, and we are exercising this voice. Once we get in shape, snag some collective experience, we will strive to bring our message to as many people as will listen.

For those of you in this area, we sincerely look forward to meeting you. For those distant, one day we look forward to meeting you as well. You can get a glimpse of us in our books and our video and our blogs and our individual writing projects. We trust you will enjoy the experience. That is our hope.

I will hold dear this coming night as I do last night. Then, Sunday. But that will have to wait for my next post. One day at a time…

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