Reminisces – The Morning Wride

Good morning wriders! This morning’s wride got shortened due to my standing 8:00am leads group meeting on Fridays. I did manage to get up at 6:00am and we got rolling by 6:25am. A number of things struck my brain as Ivy (my daughter) and I rolled down the pavement.

The first observation came from how much I enjoy mornings. The sun rose soft in the eastern sky as we wrode. The chill in the air welcomed my mood as well. I loathe the Florida heat. In the coming days our heat index will be over 100, with humidity turning every human into a drip-and-dry being as soon as they stroll out the door.

As the morning light brightened, I reminisced about the handful of loves I’ve enjoyed over the course of my life. With one notable exception, I found myself fondly remembering beautiful days like this as well as the music I associated with each person.

Recently, I allowed someone to grill me about love, past loves in my life, and my views on love. I found it odd how so few loves I’ve had in my life, but my questioner made it sound like I embodied Don Juan or Casanova. Couldn’t have been further from the truth. But, let me get back on topic.

I decided on my wride to post some new poems on my poetry blog (Poetry in Black and White) as well as two songs associated with each person in my past. Hey, I’m a writer and I’m allowed to indulge in insanities by trade, ok? Therefore, for what it’s worth, I will post the poetry project later today (I hope…)

I encourage you to consider feeding your soul with something you love to do. For me, my bicycle, music, spending time with my daughter, and writing in the morning delivers my best shot at a great day. What’s yours? If you’re not taking care of your inner self, you can’t effectively help others at your maximum capacity…


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    who and what do you love, and why?

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