Introspections – The Morning Wride

Our four day rain event – tropical storm Debby – finally left us late yesterday evening. This morning’s wride began a bit chilly. A pleasant surprise but unfortunately the cool air lasted about an hour.

On this wride, I dealt with a number of internal dialogues fighting for position of importance. Sometimes, when things like this roil inside, I get frustrated because my music no longer soothes, the exercise feels unimportant, and writing becomes of supreme importance.

Good for the writer in me, right? Well, sometimes. This morning I did not take much time to write. I peppered some notes on my iPhone’s notepad: crazy as sin (someone I met the night before described herself that way and I wanted to remember it); help people; how do you get applause and then accept it within (a live version of Elton’s Funeral For a Friend inspired that one); problems with shiny objects and positivity (I know what it means if no one else does); so many things I don’t understand; Mom alone at home; I could be better about calling.

The last three all came as one big sandwich. I just spent nearly two weeks in West Virginia with my mother and each moment I treasure. The lack of understanding comes from her ability to live on her own quite happily. I don’t know that I could live alone. She putters around and appears so content she almost makes me desire such a life.

But I know myself, and alone does not appeal on a long term basis. Short term, heck yeah! I find myself wanting quiet time a lot. But not a steady diet. I do feel I should call her more often. We never have a bad conversation.

The clear winner in my internalizations, though, is the “help people” rumination. As I continue to work in the ‘infrastructure’ of my “Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong! Write Your Book in Thirty Days.” book and webinar, I find more and more people anxious to realize their long-standing dream of getting their book written.

I’ve already completed a dry-run webinar, so I feel quite prepared for the August 20, 2012 launch of the first “full-fledged” webinar. I’ve written and published nine books. One I wrote in twelve hours. Another, written on my trip to West Virginia, I wrote in eight days.

I know how to do this. Now I get to help others realize they too can accomplish their writing dreams/goals. Adopting purpose to into my life like this gets me pumped up. Knowing I can help people with something tangible feels great.

The introspection this morning ran along the lines of setting up marketing material to get the word out about the webinar. Tons of logistics ran through my brain: I need to make sure I mention the target word count of 30,000 for this class; I need to pick up a dozen packages of index cards; I need to get up with my graphics design guy; I need to do some rewrites and edits on the manuscript, etc.

The other big introspection for the day traveled along the current lines of positivity running through my life. As I continue to surround myself with positive, forward-thinking and moving people, I find I want to take on every project that pops up. I know better.

As it is, I am embroiled in five book projects in various stages of completion. This situation presents itself as both intimidating and exhilarating. So this day, I welcomed my session with my personal coach. I worked through some of the pressures I feel about all the GOOD going on in my life.

What a problem to need to deal with, eh? One other issue that scratched at my brain stepped into my consciousness after I put my phone back in my pocket and hopped back on the bike. My poetry blog suffers a bit from neglect. I will right that situation shortly.

Wriding my bike each morning allows many excellent things to occur. Today, while I solved none of my internalizations, I did get the opportunity to look at each of them in a positive light. What a wonderful concept!

I look forward to creating my marketing plan for “Go Write…”. I am anxious to write a poem. I get excited about helping people write. I know, with a lot of help from my friends, I will be empowered to step out and not only achieve my goals, but also help others reach theirs.

What a great day! I hope yours goes at least as well.

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