Infectuous Digitalitis – The Morning Wride

Television land got me. More and more I look at television as the scourge of mankind. So many dreams and aspirations die every day by the mind-numbing electrons that whisk our attention into passivity. Oh yes, we laugh, we get excited, we cry – but do we walk away closer to our desires in life or remain on a sinking, stationary plateau?

I’m sure the apparent answer from my perspective jumps out like some throw-back-to-better-times fanatic. I do enjoy some television shows. Dick van Dyke had me laughing silly last night. The man knows comedy. Laughing brings positive benefits to life. Reading a George R. R. Martin novel out of the Ice and Fire series eats up as much time as television. For those uninitiated into this incredible series, the shortest of the five books stands at 967 pages.

The first book, Game of Thrones, grabbed my by the imagination and won’t let go. So before I get tagged for ragging against the boob tube too much, good books can derail me at times.

Yet, when I think of it, all the creativity that goes into writing television shows and books and movies help fuel my imagination. They also help me see plotlines (most plotlines on television are so lame I can tell you what will happen when from the first five to ten minutes). Great plotlines on television seem to be a death knell for the show. Jericho stands as a prime example. One of the best-written shows of the last decade, Jericho lasted but a season and a half. The half was due to a major outcry from devoted viewers (like me).

What does this have to do with today’s wride?


While I lay in bed last night laughing my fool head off at Dick van Dyke’s shenanigans, my sleep factor shrunk dramatically. I needed to get up at 6:00am in order to get my two hour wride in before I left for a 9:00am meeting. I slept in until 6:40am, whisked Ivy and myself out the door by 6:50am and returned home at 8:20am.

On the upside, we wrode an hour and a half. On the downside, the impact caused us to not stop and write, I couldn’t shoot any hoops, and I rushed breakfast. Day nine of The Morning Wride wobbled like a Weeble – but it didn’t fall down (that’s for you older folk…). Commitment to our goals comes at a price. Some payments are easy, some payments are not. For some reason, giving up Cheers and Dick van Dyke six nights a week at bed time come tough for me.

Yes, I know all about Tivo and all the myriad recording options. In my younger days, I was a recording nut. I have movies and tv shows by the hundreds if not thousands. But when do I watch them? My days bulge precariously at their seams as it is.

I do love technology. That said, technology robs us of time better spent elsewhere. Technology also assists us to gain more time elsewhere. Is it any wonder we get confused and taxed by the pace of life? The trick with technology, my personal opinion, is knowing when to walk away…and actually walking away.

Often I know WHEN to walk away – I simply DON’T walk away. My brain/imagination/lazy-bone gets sucked into the enticing electrons and boom! My next morning gets impacted.


Balance exults itself as the key element in these crazy days of hyper communication and digital technology. Finding balance that does not infringe on critical aspects of your life should manifest itself as a major goal of everyone caught up in the digital tsunami. Family time. Personal growth time. Work time. Sleep time. Exercise time. Spiritual time. Personal entertainment time. Health time.

Those various times all call for attention. The trick of balancing them almost requires a Phd in timeology – or a strong will and commitment to each respective time. For that reason, I have two coaches who help bring me closer and closer to balance.

I lost some sleep time last night. I also lost some exercise time. But that was not all I lost. I also lost the ability to enjoy my surroundings as I wrode my bike. While I enjoyed the time with my daughter (precious) and I enjoyed the exercise (much needed) and I enjoyed the music (comfortable), I did not connect with my surroundings as I like to do.

Ivy and I were a bit rushed. We cut off one of my favorite wriding loops to save a half hour. The impact of messing with my day from the night before is not a new concept to me. When I managed restaurants, one of the key elements to a great day was ALWAYS a strong close the night before. Walking into a mess in the morning would set every employee behind. The scramble to catch up and then get the day going could fray nerves, cause us to go into the unlocking of the doors unprepared, and customers would suffer until we stabilized the day (if we got there at all).

I did not record any video from the wride, nor did I take any pics. I didn’t have time to stop and contemplate nature and its relationship with our lives.

On the up side, however, we wrode. I did not allow my minor setback last night to impede my progress to the goal of wriding every day. Ivy and I talked a lot on this wride. We each took an earbud out and talked at length on subjects of muscle pain (poor girl, she’s graduating from the couch to wriding with her Dad who loves to wride long and fast…), animals (lots of squirrels out every morning), and her propensity to get literally colorfully dizzy when she over-exerts herself.

We talked about food and showers and the fun of wriding in the rain again. We bonded, in other words. She also wrode beside more often than not as opposed to behind me as in days past. Of course I am setting a slower pace for her, especially this morning when she told me ten minutes into the wride that her knees were aching badly. My music selection had blessed me with up-tempo tunes from the outset, so she suffered a bit through my increased pace.

Once she talked to me, of course, I slowed down. Good things come when you stay with your plan on how to reach your goals. One of my plans that helps me reach a number of goals is to wride each and every day. My hope now will be that this experience helps me get the rest I need the night before so I may get up on time.

Also, of course, my hope is I will be less prone to giving in to something like television that diminishes my plans. By the way, the song up above is included, not because tropical storm Debby continues to give us a rain event, but because I resonate deeply with the lyrics. The song perfectly resonates with me in my life in 1990. Funny how a song can transport you back to those feelings… That story is for another day, perhaps. The current rain storm  reminded me of the song…

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