Riders on the Storm – The Morning Wride

Today, my daughter and I were truly “Riders on the Storm“. With tropical storm Debby off the west coast of Florida, we’re in a four day rain scenario. When I woke up this morning, I actually considered not riding. The thought struck me, in this my eighth straight day of wriding, using a little water as an excuse not to wride could set a bad precedent.

Ivy and I set out around 7:30am. We hit a small patch of rain just before our first stop. From that point on, I felt good about the ride. Once you get wet, what the heck, right? Later, near the end of the wride, we got caught in a nice downpour. This happened right before we went into Publix (local grocery store).

Of course, the store’s air conditioning caused us to ‘feel’ our soaked clothes a lot more than we might have wished, but we rewarded ourselves with a couple Bavarian Cream Eclairs – apiece.

I forgot to take video while the rain pelted us, so this short little snippet of the end of our wride simply shows the aftermath of the rain. I don’t know that I wanted to expose my iPhone to the deluge anyway…

Yesterday, we went on a wride as well. I even had a great idea for my post, but got caught up in an intense, eight hour Age of Empires – Conquerors game with two of my children and three neighborhood children. We battled back and forth for those eight hours, finally forced to stop when parents actually insisted the children eat. Can you imagine? lol!

We paused the game for another day, which I’m sure the lobby for that day being today. I see it coming… So, I will make today’s blog a ‘dual’ post. What struck me most on yesterday’s wride most? The Spanish moss on a section of our wride and Diana Krall.

I took Ivy a different path than I usually follow since the new path heads, indirectly, to the college she will attend in September. Yes, she’s a senior in high school, but all her classes will be collegiate level. Her thrill at getting the opportunity to take all her classes at Daytona State College makes me smile.

While on this route, we came across the Spanish moss. I snagged some pretty decent video of it hanging from the trees while wriding. I wish I had taken a pic of the sign that read, “Don’t Feed the Alligators.” Yeah, right. About the first time I feed one, I’ll be the meal.

We came across my snake again today, by the way. The sucker is only about three feet long, but the little serpent eats well. He’s a fat little booger. I don’t care much for snakes. I’d run him over but for the fear my tires would just kick him up on my back and I’d have a coronary. Better to let him be, I suppose…

While wriding through the lovely Spanish moss adorned trail, Diana Krall popped up in the ol’ iPhone queue with “I Remember You.” While I adore the song, the voice, and the arrangement, I felt an incredible awareness or connectedness with Ms. Krall.

I then realized the SkullCandy earbuds I listened through placed Diana’s voice directly in the center of my head. Very surreal. I was not listening to her through two ears, she was kicked back on her piano bench playing the piano and crooning to me. I’m telling you, for fifteen bucks, these SkullCandy earbuds invited musicians into your head.

I noted the same thing today with Karen Carpenter and Elton. Fleetwood Mac’s “Brown Eyes” from the album Tusk highlighted Christine McVie with the surrounding vocals of Buckingham and Nicks. I’m getting concerts performed directly in my brain. How cool is that?

Wriding today with Ivy was cool. Both physically and emotionally. She had a blast. I had a blast. That’s the way every day should start. I just hope tropical storm Debby doesn’t bring lightning and thunder these next couple days. I do not want to miss my morning wride.

Are you taking time to take care of yourself? You should. You deserve a couple hours each day. Find something you love to do and do it. If you’re anything like me at all, you will discover your productivity and confidence will increase. Give yourself a break and start your days off well.

One side note, I searched for my copy of the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm” while riding through the rain. Somehow, it did not get loaded onto my iPhone. Something being corrected right now…as I listen to it post rain-wride…

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4 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm – The Morning Wride

  1. Anonymous

    Love this! I am going to start wriding with you tomorrow!!! I will be heading out the door at 6 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays…the days I don’t go to the Y to workout! Looking forward to wriding with my big brother again albeit virtually….

  2. Anonymous

    No harming the snake – snakes are our friends!! I’d like to see a picture of it sometime though…. 😉
    I’d love to say that I’ll be joining you virtually in the a.m., but since I’m NOT a morning person, Dunbar will not be graced with my cycling presence before work……

    • That snake does not view me as his friend… I’ll try and get a pic. I’m sure he’ll be out one of these days.

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