Young at Heart – The Morning Wride

I love writing. I love bicycling. I love music. I love basketball. As I’ve written this past week, my early morning (6:00am to 8:00am) wride fulfills all those ‘loves’. This is for you, yes – YOU, dear reader. Find a way to get more balance into your life. For me, I need a ton of balance. I work far too much.

My bicycle, music, writing, and basketball all team up to take me a step closer, ok, a GIANT step closer to balance. Your balance may involved completely different activities. Commit yourself to this step of balance. Here’s why:

My seventeen-year-old daughter let me know she would be interested in riding with me. I’m thinking, “6:00am? Really? No way…” What I did say was, “come on, let’s go.” This morning, she wrode the entire wride. Remember up above when I wrote, “I need a ton of balance?” Time with my children happens to entail a significant portion of that needed balance.

How cool is this? I am getting exercise which helps release positive endorphins into my system, helps me get into shape, helps me lose weight, while listening to my favorite music, getting to shoot some hoops and grabbing some writing time. And now my bed-potato (kinda like a couch potato) daughter wants to wride with me every day?


Want something even better? Even though she suffered a difficult, physical challenge in completing the wride, she stated she may wride her bike to college in September because by then she will be in great shape. Even though I slow my pace down quite a bit so she can wride with me, the HUGE win of spending time with her, getting her into an exercise regimen, and she gets opportunity to write and listen to music as well, I am dumbfounded.

When you step into action rather than sitting back and figuring out the perfect solution, amazing things happen. This may not come across to you, the reader as incredible as it manifests in my life. I’ve realized for a long time I desire more connection and interaction with my children, but finding that comfort zone for them and myself has not been an easy task.

Yet, contrary to that last statement, the comfort zone popped up simple as breathing. Set yourself into motion and say, “yes” when opportunities present themselves. The ramifications of my morning wride now take on exponentially loftier repercussions than what I set out to do.

This may sound selfish, but I assure you, the statement does not contain a selfish though – when you take care of yourself, you are then better able to serve others. Just like flying, if the oxygen masks drop, you’re advised to put yours on first so you then can help others.

I put myself in motion to take care of my physical and emotional needs by riding my bike, listening to music and writing each morning. Then a basketball pops up the very morning I contemplated how nice it would be to shoot hoops on my morning wride. Then shifting my writing to this blogsite rather than Poetry in Black and White revived this key blog. This writing is more appropriate to this blog as well. Then my daughter commits to wriding with me the entire summer. Then she contemplates wriding to school in the fall.

See what happens when you set yourself in positive motion? I see I still need a lot more balance in my life. I have three other children at home. I am now more comfortable with how this balance will come about. As I continue to place myself in motion, the balance will come as long as I stay open to it. Like Loral Langemeier says, “Just say Yes!” If you don’t know who Loral is, you should go check her out.

Place yourself in motion. Positive motion. Good things will happen. Be open to them. The song on my wride that struck me was a live version (above) of Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting. I took some photos of fallen trees, but those will be used on my PIBW blog.

I love positive motion!

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5 thoughts on “Young at Heart – The Morning Wride

  1. This is great, Mike! (Kudos to your daughter.) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Terry

    High Five Mike
    ride with your oldest, run with your son, walk with your next and rest with the little one.
    Game Plan
    balance? or is it juggle?
    Keep It Real That’s How You RoLL!!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Olde Hippie and commented:
    positivity breeds positivity…

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