Storms – The Morning Wride

Yesterday I wrode in the wrain (is that annoying? 🙂 ). I only suffered through about five minutes in a light wrainfall, but later on my wride, I looked up at intense clouds staring me in the face (hey, I would have spelled it “phace except that would break my consistency with the “wr…” thing”…).

One of the hazards of early morning wrides will be the propensity to get caught in a little wrain. Unfortunately, those clouds did not come across as a ‘little’ wrain. I did make it home, dry and in one piece. The thrill of racing the wrain gifted me some fun,though…

Today’s wride flew by quick. On Fridays I must attend a ‘leads group’ meeting at 8:00am. Since my normal wride time happens to run from 6:00am to 8″00am, I must figure something out for next week.

This morning I learned I could wride faster than I believed possible. My pace can pick up given proper motivation. I must jealously defend my sleep time. I stayed up late watching the disgusting Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and company win the NBA Championship. What a waste of my time. Sorely disappointing, mainly because a couple egotistical thugs won it all, but isn’t that the way of the world today…

No sense going down the negativity road. In a speech I attended on Tuesday, the speaker revealed that people must come up with thirty-two positive thoughts for every negative to simply break even. We shoot ourselves not only in our feet when we buy into negativity, but also push forward our own destruction.

I’m convinced that when we strive to attain something good and positive through the use or assistance of other good and positive people, we insure our progression forward to the dreams AND goals we’ve established. Negativity should hold no sway in our lives. Challenges, hurdles, obstacles, yes, but when we invite negativity into our hearts, it sets seed quickly and grows exponentially fast.

Remaining positive in your outlook takes a lot of self-awareness, a ton of observational skills, and a surrounding group of people committed to a positive, goal oriented outlook on life. I’ve heard this for years. I find life amazing in how many times I’ve made that previous statement, “I’ve heard this for years,” and never used the information.

We are under attack. Even the television attacks us. How many of us look fit and trim like the bulk of the folk on tv? When someone gets depicted more like a cross section of our country, those people tend to be made out to be less than desirable. Nothing new under the sun there, I know, but it appears people must hear these truths over and over and over simply for the message of positivity to sink into their hearts.

I find I have little use for negativity anymore. My position is to walk away whenever things get out of hand. Easy to write and say, not always so easy to do. This picture comes from this morning’s wride. As I rode off down the wroad beginning my wride, I felt the urge to look back over my shoulder. Those clouds were so big and real I had to stop and take a pic…

I will get more rest tonight so I can write more intelligibly tomorrow. I do like the transition to this blog site vs my Poetry in Black and White site. An author should do a better job of keeping readership informed – this site is a perfect fit.

Poetry is where I dump my heart out every now and then and clean up the mess (as best I can). Stop by and check PIBW out sometime.

I desire to pass on valuable information on things I’ve learned to people every chance I get. I’ll be teaching a course through Adult Education beginning July 9th on how to write a book in thirty days. Anyone local should jump on this. My online webinar is very hot right now. My target dates for launch of the next two webinars are August 21, 2012 and August 23, 2012.

Until I wride again!

My Stable of Books…

Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong! Write Your Book in Thirty Days! (Due Aug. 2012)
The Method Writers (2012) 
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Rock Your Business! Your Book as YOUR Business Card (2012)
Poetry in Black and White (2012)
More Writing is Easy (2011)
Writing is Easy (2010)

Loves Lost and Found (2009)
Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships (2008)

(All books available in Canaday, US, UK, European Union)

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