The Morning Wride

Hello Readers!

I am transferring “The Morning Notepad”  from my Poetry In Black and White blog. I believe I will rename this post “The Morning Wride” since I combine bicycle riding and writing. The material fits better on this blog. I will continue to post new off-the-heart poems on PIBW often, but an overview of my morning ‘wride’ and writing experience needs to be on myauthor site. I also desire to write about how I am helping people write their books. This site is now dedicated to helping others. I will use my experiences and insights to pass on writing tips I’ve learned.
I ride my bicycle every morning and stop along the way to use the notepad on my iPhone – hence The Morning Notepad. I certainly hope you enjoy your experience here. I also hope something I write helps you in some manner. Also, please make sure you check out my poetry blog, Poetry in Black and White.

This morning’s song that struck me came from good ol’ Jimmy Buffet.

Yesterday’s ‘wride’ found me with a basketball that beckoned me off my bike. I shot hoops for about a half hour. I noted my free throw percentage to be quite low, around 50%. After a couple moments, I realized I was not focused properly. As soon as I corrected my focus, I my percentage jumped to 70%. I then went on my merry way.

This morning, I shot free throws again, shooting in the 70% range – good, but not by my standards. I wondered what was missing. The thought occurred to me I might be ‘over-focusing’. Sure enough, when I stepped to the line, grabbed my focus and went into motion immediately, I hit fifteen shots in a row.

Some of these fifteen shots I nearly released incorrectly, but I adjusted as soon as I felt an issue. Isn’t this the way we should write and run our businesses? We need focus, no doubt. But sometimes, don’t we over-focus and take ourselves out of the game by writing conservatively? Or making conservative business decisions far later than we should have?

I know this holds true in my life. I found the key of focus. Now I realize too much of a good thing can hold me back from maximizing my efforts. Focus, motion, adjust. Aren’t bicycle rides with music and basketball a hoot!

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