Possibilities and Positivity

Possibilities. We look at our lives, each of us, weighted one of two ways – positive or negative. Why do we do this? What possible good comes from the ‘negative’ life view?

I hope you’re not looking to me for the answers to these questions. The reasons for negativity stretch into endless debate. The experiences of persecution, recrimination, religious teachings, as well as nearly countless other forms of input, shape our life views.

One of the most common experiences I’ve witnessed in my lifetime are the people who must reduce the stature of others followed by an immediate building up of their own. Most of these people perform this act of character assassination and personal build up in a practiced, unthinking manner. They often show themselves to be clueless as to what they are doing.

I’m not speaking of ‘big-ticket’ life items here, either. These people nitpick the smallest, most innocuous of statements a person in their presence may make. They make a quick, judgmental comment on the statement, then follow with their point of view on the matter.

This low-level brow beating beats a positive perspective person down over time. The sad part of this equation becomes the destruction of a positive, upbeat view of the world. With all the persecution and recrimination in the world, it is little wonder negativity holds so much sway. Yet, even more so, the negativity within the world’s religions runs rampant through a world not simply littered with negativity, but plastered with it.

I understand that positives exist in the plethora of world religions.  However, often these intended positives are mired in fiefdom protection which is one form of self preservation and personal elevation. Again, I reiterate that I hope you are not looking to me in this post to hand out any answers. My goal here is to state something people appear fearful to state; negativity permeates everything we touch and experience, most everyone recognizes it, but few are willing to change, to step away from negativity, mostly because their inner ‘eye’ does not even recognize how they tear others down.

After 53 years of observation, I have come to at least one major conclusion: this negative dominance appears in every relationship paradigm imaginable – families, churches, work places, playground, sports teams, civic groups, non profits, corporations – the list goes on and on and on.

My observations on life at this point, again, 53 years in, and again, my observations, are that the most gratifying successes I’ve witnessed and experienced stemmed from positivity in some form. Whether individual positive determination, group teamwork, corporate teamwork, or simple smiles and appreciations of life, positivity remains key to progressive success.

Those who opt for the negative, domineering, destruction driven formulas to further their agendas deliver misery. The larger the undertaking, the larger the misery. A collective of people all working for the good of others and for positive results do not rule this world.

Sad, isn’t it? We possess such a tiny snippet of time to live and breathe and so much of this precious life struggles to persevere through the negativities that surround us, permeate us, infect us, and in the end, destroy us.

Possibilities. Each of us have nearly infinite opportunities to explore. We close off so many of them because of negative voices from without and/or within. We allow ourselves to crumble with the weight of someone else’s thumb on our soul, or we struggle to shrug off past criticisms that told us we were unworthy of moving forward.

What would a world look like where people looked for the best in others? What if we could wake up each day excited about the new discovery we would make about this life? What if we could love without fear of pain and rejection?

Yes, as soon as the questions go that direction, you felt it, right? Somewhere, deep inside, you see no hope for that for this world. Yes, some religions offer this hope either after our death or in one gestalt historical event to come. Yet what issues forth from these religions? Finger-pointing? Judgmentalism? An ‘I’m-right-and-all-others-are-mistaken’ mentality? The answers are in how we vote? The answers are in what brand of religion we partake of? The answers are in atheism?

Have you ever stopped to ponder the millions if not billions of differing ideologies and perspectives on this planet? Each touts they have “the answer” in some way, shape, or form. But even within the confines of philosophies and religions, the fragmented and fractured coalitions appear to hold a tenuous if not desperate allegiance to those within their tenets.

I find it difficult to look at this whole world-ball-of-wax disparity with positive thought. Our increased communication technology only rains more tsunamis of negativity on our psyches rather than positive possibilities. Or focus in news has been negativity from the outset. Positive news does not “appeal” to the masses, except in few-and-far-between snippets.

Possibilities. Positive news that shapes communities and people with only a few-and-far-between negative? Positive news that inspires and excites people to achieve higher and greater things for the good of all? Positive statements that lift others up minute by minute, day by day. Becoming aware of people’s struggles and selflessly taking a moment to invest in their short trek on this planet?

What a shame we tend to want that which we do not possess. What a shame greed and maliciousness pervades our thoughts and motivations. Come on – you don’t think those voices have contaminated your heart, your brain?

Yet, despite these voices that appear to taint everyone on some level, there are those people who contemplate the possibilities. I have no answers for you. But I do have a suggestion. Explore the possibility that the kind word, smile, or even thought you manifest today is an underdog blow against the norm. I suggest you examine your motivation before you speak. I suggest you consider whether your words lift up or tear down at the very basic levels of communication. I suggest you consider the look on your face and your posture as to what they communicate. Positivity or negativity?

I suggest you take the time to consider possibilities and look at them from a progressive, positive view. Nothing will change in our world until we change ourselves. This is why I have no answers. All I can change is myself.

When I accomplish this, the possibilities become endless, until my exit from this world…



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6 thoughts on “Possibilities and Positivity

  1. Excellent, excellent post.

    • Thank you Deborah. Can you believe I fretted over this on a little? After all these years, still fighting those self-censor demons. Getting a thumbs up from an excellent writer helps!!! 🙂 I appreciate it!

      • HA! Since you said that, I’ll detail my 2 cents!

        Your post reminded me of Plato’s “The Cave.” Trapped by ignorance we swear a staunch allegiance to a false belief. It is impossible to “know” everything while we live on this side of existence, because everything we “know” has been retrieved through human senses. As efficient as those senses are in appreciating beauty, they are even more adept at perceiving danger (including danger to our sensitive egos–the little beasts!).

        If I believe something to be true, and you suggest a different possibility, my ego shouts, “Hey. He thinks I’m wrong. But I’m smart, not wrong! I won’t listen to another word!” Insisting on being right prompts hostility, and scurries my mind away from carefully considering a new idea. And I lose out. The more vested we are in being “right” the less open to new possibility we become. I think the hardest-driving among us are the most frightened. So sad.

        And you’re so right—the only person we can hope to change is ourselves. Thankfully, just as a scowl or a frown is contagious, so is an act of kindness.

        Keep flexing your opinion muscle!

      • Wow Deborah! Now that is a post in and of itself. That’s probably one of the most excellent comments this blog has seen! Thank you!

  2. Hmmm. I had a different experience when you wrote, “What would a world look like where people looked for the best in others? What if we could wake up each day excited about the new discovery we would make about this life? What if we could love without fear of pain and rejection?”

    I went to a very different place. You wrote, “Yes, as soon as the questions go that direction, you felt it, right? Somewhere, deep inside, you see no hope for that for this world.” QUITE CONTRAIRE! What I experienced was a shift of feeling lighter and more optomistic about looking for the best in others, waking up excited and being free of the fear of pain and rejection. I believe it’s a choice and that we can influence others to live with gratitue and expectancy when we step into it ourselves. Maybe the message about no hope is out there, but I don’t hear it. I don’t surround or inundate myself with it. I seek out and surround myself with the opposite and steer clear of the negativity — as much as possible.

    The reality we live in is truly what we make it to be. The more I buy into the negative, the more of it a see. When I choose to believe there’s hope and kindness, that’s what shows up! It’s a simple as changing the frame I put around things and what I choose that colors my world.

    • Hi Janice! Nicely put. We do actually choose our perspective. A worthwhile reminder of ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’. Oft-times the difficulty comes with remembering our outlook is a choice.

      I love comments on blogs. Focusing on positives is something we all could benefit from. Thank you for the input!

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