Promote Your Blog Posts!

Yesterday I posted I would pass on a couple ways to promote your blog posts. Keep in mind there are quite a few great ways to promote blog posts, but I feel there are some minimal tasks that should happen each and every time you post.

To begin, make sure you have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon account. There may be others you wish to include like Pinterest, but I use the above four most. In a blog, you can link your posts to only one Facebook account. I link my appropriate blog with a similarly matched Facebook page that has followers. Whenever I post, these Facebookers potentially see my blog post.

But what about those people on my personal page? After I post my blog, I go back and place the link on my personal Facebook page. This exposes my blog post to more people (at the moment) because my personal page currently has more followers than my specialized page.

StumbleUpon has led to outrageous (for me) exposure to a number of things I’ve written. Again, after I’ve written and posted my blog, I go out to StumbleUpon and present that particular blog post. I’ve learned that keywords are critical, both in the main post and the ‘advertisements’ of the post on other social media. In one recent post, I used keywords in the title, then used the same keywords a couple times each in the first three sentences of the first paragraph of my post. Then I sprinkled the keywords a few more times throughout the article. I used the keywords in my tags.

When I posted this article on StumbleUpon using the same tags and a brief three sentence description of the blog post (again using the keywords), I received 807 hits in 24 hours on my blog. Another article I wrote scarfed up a couple thousand hits off StumbleUpon. While most of the time I see much smaller numbers from StumbleUpon (like single digit), for the minute spent placing the post on the site, I feel there is worth to the time spent.

If you’re not Tweeting each blog whenever you post, you are missing out on a load of potential attention to your site. Granted your topic must be something people want to read, and your subject/title must grab with great keywords, but if you are handling all that properly, why are you not using the social media tools that will bring folks to your writing?

Look, no one is going to skewer you if you choose not to publicize your posts. My question, though, states, “Why are you writing if you don’t want people to come read?” Take the three or four minutes it takes after each post to make sure you ‘publicize’ your blog posts on all the appropriate social media.

I bring up appropriate because of LinkedIn. Be aware that LinkedIn is a professional community. You should absolutely post business related posts to this social media site. But if you are posting something not related to your business account on LinkedIn, I would recommend you refrain from posting that particular blog post on their site. You must determine whether your post is appropriate for the business community of LinkedIn or not.

Use keywords. Load these keywords into the first paragraph of your blog post and sprinkle them throughout your post. Use all the social media sites at your disposal to get word out about your post. Make sure your subject/title grab people’s attention. There are many, many other ways to pump up the volume on your blog. These are merely a few simple ones.

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Have a great blogging day!

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