Oh, The Pain, The Pain…of Writing

The Robinsons Wished They Had A Ship Like This...

Dr. Zachary Smith from the television show Lost in Space, would lament that phrase over and over. You simply loved to hate his cowardice, laziness, and scheming ways. I never liked it when he came into a scene. A gut reaction sent a ‘repulse’ signal to my brain and I was always rewarded with dire consequences of his presence. I always wondered why they didn’t just kill the dude. I’m sure it was because this was a family show and they needed a constant adversary.

Over time though, I lost some of my respect for the Robinsons. After having dealt with this jerk all that time, you would think they would not trust him for a moment, yet invariably he would be put in charge of something significant.

Sometimes I feel this is what I do to myself. I am like the crew of a ‘writing ship’. I have multiple personalities. I can be Will Robinson. I can be his father. I can even be Will’s sister, Penny when I write from a female point of view. I can also be Dr. Zachary Smith. I’ll be honest. I get into doldrums that tell me writing is a foolhardy business and if I were smart, I’d bail out now and go work some corporate job the rest of my life.

The “woe is me” Dr. Smith attitude will eat a writer up. To maintain a positive, directional, intentional writing career, there are a number of things I feel a writer should incorporate in their endeavors. One is a writing regimen. I hear writers all the time say they cannot write every day or don’ t need to write every day. I also see many of these same writers struggling to produce. It is no secret that writing every day brings positive writing achievements.

I began writing every day on the site 750words.com on January 2, 2012. I had played around with the site in 2011 with some success, so I set my sights on 2012 with intention. I will write 365 days in a row this year, at least 750 words. Since this is a leap year, I get the full compliment of days for a normal year.

The first 35 to 40 days of writing every day on 750 Words produced more garbage than anything. I basically used the site for ranting about things I cannot control. About a week ago, I broke out of that slump and hit stride. The feeling is like that of a distance runner. You get that horrible side stitch, but once you get past it, life is great!

My productivity is skyrocketing. I am seeing more writing, more stories and more desire creep up in me with these simple steps.

I determined to write 750 words every day and I have.

I started writing down each day what I DESIRE to do. These desires are basically all the writing tasks I kept putting off, just wrapped in a positive package. I have found the more I write things like, “I desire to write a short story”, the more prone I am to do so. I really do desire to do this, but often life gets in the way and disconnects me from that desire. As soon as I write the desire, my emotions come in line with what I write and I am ready to get started!

I’ve found positive energy feeds itself. There comes a point where you feel giddy (ok, at least I do…) about writing and your prospects when you stay focused. The first thing I do each day is target a time to write my 750 words.

Another thing I do to pump up the desire is I write 5 things each day that I am grateful for. These items do not need to be extraordinary, just simple people, places, or things that fill you with gratitude.

Like Will Robinson, the positive affirmations pay of in the end. Anyone who once watched Lost in Space remembers that Will always looked for the best in everyone, even Dr. Zachary Smith. There has been a ton of stuff written about affirmations. I agree that positive affirmations impact your life in beneficial ways. Look at your writing projects you’ve been putting off. Somewhere, you desire to do them. Make that statement to yourself IN WRITING.

Write the ‘desire’ you want to accomplish regarding writing tasks on a white board, a poster board, a piece of paper, a blog. The simple act of writing what you desire can inspire you to toss aside life and objections and interruptions in order to accomplish your goals.

Step up and be Will Robinson. Tell Dr. Zachary Smith to take a hike…

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6 thoughts on “Oh, The Pain, The Pain…of Writing

  1. jae

    Dr. Smith gave me the creeps, and I always thought Will was just being naive, but I like your view better. Excellent advice!

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