Writing Schedules

ImageI’ve toyed over the years with many writing schedules. In the morning, afternoon, evening, night, other locations, music, no music. Yes, location and music get incorporated into my writing schedule.

Consistency of effort plagued me for years. I now appear at the point of success. With four children in the home and duties to picking them up after school, I determined writing during the morning, afternoon and evening falls under the momentum killing ‘maximus interuptus’ category of writing.

This category is not conducive to productivity. Hence I currently glide past the bewitching hour with two more blissful, uninterrupted sixty minute segments on the way. I determined writing from ten at night until two in the morning would yield massive results, allowing me to do shorter work and more business related work during the day when i get up at ten in the morning.

My experiment with this schedule worked well last week. Now I put the schedule to the test and work all the bugs out of it. As long as I can write most of my creative work late at night, I believe I can produce volumes of work each day.

One point of interest to writers here – my word count so far for the month of January is around 37,000 words. My search for a workable schedule has paid large dividends in my commitment to write every day. The only day I have not written at least 750 word is New Years Day. My goal on December 31, 2012 is to be able to say the same thing.

Have a great writing day, and put some time, effort and logistics into setting your own writing schedule!

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