A New Year, A New Day, A New Site!

Today I embark on a blogsite that should have been built and manned (or is that keyed…) many years ago. My own personal site. For years I failed at maintaining an author’s ‘website’ which requires web design capabilities as well as the time to reconstruct when needed. I possess no desire to learn web design. Like most every writer, I long to write.

Don’t you just hate it when you finally realize you had the easy button right beside you all along? I’m working at adopting the philosophy of, “At least I located and pushed the easy button!” That way, I do not promote my ignorance any more than necessary. This blog will chronicle what it’s like to attempt a writing career while running a publishing company. Thus far, I confess I struggle at both.

The struggle does not come in my lack of ability, but more in my lack of focused, disciplined time spent on the two. Too often, one suffers due to demands of the other. Writing projects will bump my follow-up on publishing clients (major no-no). Then, publishing projects will dominate my brain, flinging writing projects to the ethereal winds of digital obscurity.

I chose an Autumn themed pic for the site (at least for now) because this time of year beckons my soul. I long for autumn days and crisp autumn nights. This year, 2012, I vow to enjoy some of these wondrous thrills to my heart.

Enough meandering. I need to build pages for this site, get it set for future posts, and get back to some publishing work long ignored. I will have a page for my HubPages.com articles. While you may catch that link in the last sentence, I plan to run a direct link to each article in my HubPages.com page.

I will keep all my blogs listed on the right of the landing page. These blogs will carry much of my online presence other than social media. Oh yeah, I must remember to place social media links on the landing page as well as my publishing company.

That’s it for now! Check back shortly and see where I’m at! (Please consider following my blog so I feel wanted!)

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2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Day, A New Site!

  1. Re: “I have nine effective digits…” Ouch!
    But (you knew that was coming) the intense Sandusky-Register editor, whose desk was in front of mine in the newsroom, was a One Finger & Elbow typist. His other hand was preoccupied chewing his nails. It was a masterful performance: tap-tap-tap — elbow hit the space bar – tap-tap..etc…etc.
    His wierdness reached its zenith the day his 12-year-old daughter and one of the 8-year-old twins disappeared under Lake Erie’s ice and he came back from the tragedy to writer the headline page-one story.
    Tat-tap-tap — elbow — tap-tap-tap.
    I quit that newsroom soon after.

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